About The ZeroEquals

Not A Pseudonym But A Project Theory Wrapped Up In A Concept

The Surface:

Location: US West Coast, dodging tectonic shifts while upholding a sense of schematic deconstruction.

Constant, with the need to create and exploit these [re]sources for the purpose of understanding the surrounding world. Timing is the key to extending viability. The Goal: perfect the craft, ignore the noise – keep true.

The Reminder: Basics will maintain, so long as you are inclined to take the next step. Time must be made and always appreciated.

The Dive:

The ZeroEquals Theory & Concept is what it is and remains aware of what it isn’t. Each image created is built on the foundation of a narrative. A story to tell if you’re willing to dissect the monolith. The need for internal and external exploration are the buttons that roll the window down to the flash of a muzzle or the breeze of a summer’s afternoon. Sometimes in combination.

What lies beyond is realization.

What’s left behind is the record of our big bang’s aftermath. Study the remnants closely, but most importantly, never forget to learn.

Media from all corners, but in a constant flux and ever growing. Music, Film, Gaming, Literature (narrative and theoretical) all have a place and a worth.

Mixing molecules + breaking electrons via the three pronged approach of Image Creation / Narrative Structure / Learning

Image Creation:
The early onset attraction to the visual language has been key. Can’t really pinpoint the time, but some of the earliest memories of captivating imagery orbited around the album covers, posters and street art – to this day there’s a special draw to a cover or movie poster that’s able to convey an idea or story.

Narrative Structure: It’s been a bit rough trying to pinpoint exactly where to point this ship.
For the most part there will be a process to define and focus what this is all about. Sections will be added and removed as they feel fit.

Ideas float all around I must have patience with myself and appreciate yours.

We’ll begin by breaking down the three prongs at this point.

Learning: [Soon]

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