• Divided_Revisited
    Remember That Date. September the Second.
  • Millions
    There were always options. Floating in the sky like the ever-lingering questions.
  • Connect
    The system had chosen. And we were all retrograde.
  • Electronaut [Forward]
    Paradise. Conquered and left behind for none to find.
  • 1970 End
    We'd cracked open the atmosphere and they beamed with ignorant pride.
  • Disconnect
    Step through and breathe....
  • Aeon
    As the worlds above collided, there was nowhere left to go but up to meet the chaos head on.
  • The Path
    Looming with that sense of caution. The familiar challenge sits here.
  • To Dust
    On that day, the landscape shifted. Layers beneath layers contorted to excuse the pressure. The crumbling was at hand.
  • Fathoms [Revisited]
    Eons later, those stars had found their own way, detached from the mayhem...for the time being.
  • Defining
    Curiously close to the end....defeated?
  • Plenum
    It was only a matter of time...
  • Catalyst
    The things we knew, were only the beginning.
  • Hush
    Those moments, filtered through the dystopia - still clung to our memories
  • The Anchor [Revisited]
    We have contact. Entity identified.
  • Day Four The Entanglement [Of This Night ]
    No dread of the unknown....
  • Empires At Dawn
    This was what remained when the skies cleared.
  • Overture
    If not here...then where?
  • Murmur
    Settling under the fog of it all.
  • Solitary_Without
    Finish the end...
  • Witness
    The perfect storm had its eye on us all.
  • Hosts
    In the end...and in between every letter, we are all....
  • Carbon
    Limits were met, without objectives there were no results...
  • This Land
    Finding another place to rest...
  • Day Four [ The Entanglement]
    The sense of touch was at the root...
  • Drive Ever
    Leaving it all, considerately...
  • Empires
    From the ground to the sky, this was home.
  • Solitary Within
    Build a new Begin...
  • The Interceptor
    We had our warning before the fall. It colored the sky, our own personal writing on the wall...
  • The Seedling
    The structure beckoned the cortex...
  • The Descent
    Eons dissolved into dusted memory...
  • Silent Answer
    With purpose set and doubts laid to rest...
  • Stay Again
    We had witnessed it, with inadequate awe...
  • Reflection
    We chose to stay...
  • The Living Dare
    The path was trapped within the echo chamber.
  • The Way - Earth Zero
    Signals skyward, path determined.
  • Secrets
    This was existence beyond compare...
  • The Place
    The Red Road lay ahead.
  • Lethal
    Towering over her purpose, the sense of aggravation stung deep in her pores.
  • Launch Zero
    Expectations were high.
  • The Anchor
    The greeting, unheard but recognized.
  • Never
    Through Your Eyes...
  • Transmutate
    Surrender to gravity.
  • The Feedback
    The signal would reboot the interface of history.
  • We Are
    The shape and the light were the prophets...something was on its way.
  • Belong
    With calm...
  • Gravitate
    Saying goodbye...
  • Walk With Me
    One step at a time...
  • The Route
    It became clear, despite the paradox.
  • The Comatose
    To make you...
  • The Signal
    The morning pulled the strings.
  • Waiting
    Between the glares...the silent chaos stared out. Waiting.
  • The Signal [Read]
    The faint message filtered through the din - landed clear, translated code.
  • The Absolute
    Awake and measured...
  • The New
    More surreal than abstract, yet included like dust within the pages of an old tome.
  • Fathoms
    We had buried it deep, somewhere beyond comprehension or memory. Yet it held a place in the DNA of each one of us.
  • Code(c)
    "Find 'The Source'" he said, with a measure of calm befitting a dying wish.
  • Speed v20
    The strands of logic held their purpose despite the brittle sinew clinging to the origin.
  • No Option
    The intrusions were well defined inside our minds, until that moment when we realized we had been vacant from this place, strangers in this land we thought we called our home.
  • Seek
  • Divided
    September 2nd...remember.
  • The Marker
    Entering a new world...
  • Day One
    The first day...and nearly in focus.
  • Day Two
    Day Two - a study of a solitary morning.
  • ForeveR
    Leaving carried with it more baggage than he'd anticipated. Gravity was ever-so faithful.
  • Remind
    The lines have it...
  • The LineShift
    Shifting the realm of possibilities.... A wash of color with one focal point.
  • Day Two - [Deconstructed]
    Deconstructing “Day Two” – the fun part is working with color, textures and layering, proving that the trick is to know when to let go.
  • DayThree - Split 2nd
    “…And it feels like we’re living in that split second of a car crash…”
  • Day One [Deconstructed]
    Some days are built for deconstruction.
  • To The Tenth
    If choice then...the conditional is defined to be true.
  • 1978 [Deconstructed]
    The days were...deconstructing beneath the surface.

The ZeroEquals – Revelations In The Key Of Zoma

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