This Is The Begin

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This Is The Begin

Music. Movies. Books. Gaming. Each one individually and combined to some degree have been integral to the shaping of ideas and inspiration for the work found within TheZEP. To that end, and as time allows, a brief collection of reactions and ramblings on the latest piece to filter through the lenses will begin to crop up in this corner of The ZEP (as well as project(s) updates and other relevant information).

A brief note of caution, none of what’s going to be thrown at the walls here is meant to be gospel. In fact, at some point the right is reserved to completely change perspectives and repaint. The basis for that is simple. If at present you’re still in love with every single thing you loved five or ten years ago – without any single shift, as beings with the capacity to learn, there has been no growth or expansion of view. True, there are some touchstones but nothing is completely unquestionable.

By the way, nothing here should be considered to form those smelly, crusty, bile-infested creatures called “rated-reviews” – these are simply one individual’s thoughts and reactions to the experiences. By those standards, more than likely, the focus will fall on what stokes the sparks for the other work produced here at The ZEP.

Enough said. For now. Until the next.

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